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  • TrackerLite -provides "front-end" funds validation and availability checks to ensure Air Force funded commercial shipments are paid with appropriate funds. For Air Force, Marine Corps, and DLA shipments, TrackerLite provides translation of Transportation Account Codes (TACs) into segmented Lines of Accounting, which facilitates fully automated payment of commercial carrier invoices by DFAS. TrackerLite processes up to 110,000 transactions per day.

  • Tracker - an Air Force repository of transportation and supply data which is the backbone of USAF and USMC transportation financial and cargo movement information. IBL has been the major factor in obtaining interfaces to DoD and commercial shipping and transportation systems. Tracker satisfies more than 100,000 user queries each month.

  • Virtual Vendor (.mil/.gov) - a web-based tool that streamlines processing of vendor shipments to overseas military customers. Virtual Vendor results in error free shipping instructions and barcode labels that facilitate rapid movement of cargo through the military transportation system. Virtual Vendor will prevent 14,000 frustrated shipments each year.

  • ICATS (.mil/.gov) - the In-Transit Critical Asset Tracking System (ICATS) is a web-enabled, proactive, distribution tool that provides real-time, estimated delivery dates to the warfighter based on actual performance.

  • Funds Recovery - a process that has recovered more than $20 million in inappropriate charges to USAF and USMC transportation accounts. Each year, through automated tools, IBL evaluates thousands of financial transactions to identify and recover misuse of transportation funds.

  • Transportation Requirements Tool - an on-line budgeting and requirements tool that eases collection of transportation requirements. This tool provides a standardized means of collecting, pricing and reporting transportation requirements data into a budget submission. The tool allows managers to select the appropriate transportation mode and pricing for each situation.

  • Financial Expenditure Analysis Tool - provides near real-time visibility and analysis capability of transportation obligations and expenditures. This powerful tool has dramatically reduced the risk of Anti-Deficiency Act (ADA) violations by creating visibility of "billed" and "unbilled" transportation services provided by TRANSCOM and commercial carriers.

  • AF DODAAC Web Management System - allows transportation managers to add, change, or delete shipping addresses in the Department of Defense Activity Address Code (DODAAC) system. System responsiveness and data accuracy are critical in shipping material to deploying units. The DODAAC management system satisfies more than 400,000 user requests per month.

  • War Fighter Distribution Tool - web enabled transportation and distribution tool supporting CENTAF, PACAF, and USAFE theaters of operation. This tool provides guidance to ensure warfighter shipments are moved by the best performing carrier for any origin-destination combination. The guidance is based on the prior week's Logistics Response Time (LRT) for approximately 20,000 shipments. This data driven approach to process improvement has resulted in a reduction of LRT from 21 to 11 days since September 11, 2001.

  • SPIRES - a web-enabled database application that Air Force and vendor personnel use to access Special Packaging Instructions. SPIRES supports 255,000 requests per month from 5,000 different users.

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